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Relocation Services

We provide a global service, offering a comprehensive, professional and personalized solution to individual and corporate entities through every step of their Relocation to Uruguay.

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Residency Services

We specialize in assisting our clients in the management of immigration procedures, including application and obtention of Legal & Tax Residency and Legal Citizenship in Uruguay.

Professional Services


Initial Orientation

  • Initial Contact
  • Comprehensive advice
  • Introductory Trip

Housing Search

  • Temporary and Permanent
  • Furniture, appliances & household goods purchase or rental

Health Services

  • Assistance in selecting and obtaining Health and Medical Emergency coverage in Uruguay


  • Comprehensive Advice
  • Admissions, tuition, and required documentation
  • Spanish Language Learning


  • Door-to-door assistance
  • Assistance in moving personal goods and belongings to and from Uruguay

Pet Relocation

  • Requirements and Procedures
  • Methods of international transportation

Financial Services

Assistance in:
  • Establishing a local bank account
  • Obtaining a Credit/Debit Card
  • Opening a Safe Deposit Box

Obtaining Local Licenses

  • Revalidation of Professional Titles
  • Local Professional Registration
  • Arms Registration and Permits

Adaptation and Integration

  • Vehicle rental, purchase or leasing
  • Guidance with personal and property Insurance
  • Orientation with recreational, religious, cultural, sports & leisure activities


Legal Residency

  • Permanent
  • Temporary
  • Provisional

Mercosur Residency

  • Member Countries
  • Associated Countries

Residency for foreigners with qualifying Uruguayan family members

Tax Residency

  • Advice
  • Obtention
  • Renewal

Legal Citizenship

  • Uruguay Passport
  • Civic Credentials


  • Types of Immigration Visas to Uruguay
  • Requirements for application and Visa approval

Uruguayan Documents

  • National Identity Card
  • Local Drivers License
  • Health ID Card
  • Psychophysical ID Card

Other Services

Assistance at Public or Private Entities requesting and obtaining:
  • Migration Certificates
  • Various Certificates

Special Authorization of entry to Uruguay